Home Oxygen

My Oxygen Company is a proud supplier of home oxygen to Midland, Michigan and the surrounding area. As the only local company that takes all forms of Medicare, we are confident we can meet your oxygen needs.

Who Can Benefit from Home Oxygen Use?

People with certain respiratory or cardiovascular conditions use home oxygen to ensure that enough oxygen is circulating in their blood. If you find yourself having difficulty breathing, either while exercising or during normal activity, or if you experience memory loss or periods of disorientation, ask your doctor about tests to ensure you’re getting enough oxygen. Once your doctor performs these tests, you and your doctor can discuss whether home oxygen is right for you.

Making Sure You Get the Right Amount of Oxygen

When beginning home oxygen use, your doctor may periodically conduct tests to ensure you are getting the right amount of oxygen. Using your oxygen regularly should decrease breathing difficulties, but it is possible to get too much oxygen. Always check with your doctor before adjusting your oxygen use and contact your doctor if you experience new symptoms like headaches, confusion, or increased sleepiness.

Choosing a Home Oxygen Supplier

When selecting an oxygen supplier, it’s important to choose someone who can provide you with the friendly, flexible service you need. At My Oxygen Company, our knowledgeable staff work hard to ensure your oxygen needs are met affordably and sustainably. We work to build good relationships with our customers; they know they can count on us to provide them with quality home medical supplies.