CPAP Supplies

CPAP Supplies

The components of your CPAP device may look sturdy, but it’s important to routinely replace certain parts of the device. Routine replacement of your CPAP supplies will both keep the machine working to its full capacity and keep you protected from bacteria that could lead to infections. My Oxygen Company proudly carries high quality CPAP supplies from reputable manufacturers, like ResMed.

Which CPAP Supplies Need Regular Replacing?

The CPAP machine itself should last you for five to seven years, and most insurance companies will replace the machine every five years. The other parts of the device need replacing with much more frequency, however; especially the parts that touch your nose, mouth, and face. Here are some helpful guidelines on which CPAP supplies to replace regularly, and how often to replace them.

  • CPAP Mask: The CPAP mask is the plastic device that covers either your nose or your nose and mouth. It should be replaced every three months to ensure a great fit and to keep germs from collecting on the mask. The mask itself doesn’t need to be replaced quite as often as the mask cushion & pillows, which are more susceptible to germs and wear and tear.
  • Mask Cushion & Pillows: Because the mask cushion and pillows are the part of the mask that actually touch your face, they come into regular contact with your skin and with the natural oils secreted by your skin. This regular contact means that they are more likely than other parts of the device to collect germs and to wear down. Replacing these particular CPAP supplies every 15 days will help keep you healthy and ensure that your device continues to fit properly, which will prevent leaking.
  • Headgear & Chinstraps: CPAP headgear and chinstraps are generally made from material that stretches in order to conform to your unique head and face shape. This ensures a snug fit and keeps the CPAP device from leaking. Over time, though, the material stretches out and must be replaced to ensure that snug, leak-free fit. Replace headgear and chinstraps every 6 months.
  • CPAP Tubing: As with your CPAP mask, CPAP tubing comes into regular contact with the moist air that moves from the machine, through your mouth and nose, and into your lungs. This moist air can lead to condensation, which can collect in the tubing. This condensation can collect germs, dust, and other contaminants that will affect the quality of the air you’re breathing through your CPAP machine. Replacing your tubing every 3 months will help keep your air clean. Additionally, old tubing may have small leaks, which means that the machine can’t do its job properly.
  • Filters: In addition to clean tubing, regularly replaced filters will help ensure that the air you’re breathing is free of air contaminants, keeping your air clean and your lungs healthy. Filter replacement rates vary, so check with the filter manufacturer for replacement frequency.
  • Humidifier Water Chamber: To ensure your CPAP’s humidifier is clean, only use distilled water in the chamber. Additionally, be sure to replace the water chamber regularly—we recommend every six months.

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