My Oxygen

Who We Are

My Oxygen Company has been Midland, Michigan’s most trusted supplier of home oxygen and sleep apnea treatments for the past thirteen years. Sleep apnea is a breathing condition that disrupts sleep, sometimes hundreds of times a night. It’s more than just heavy snoring, though frequent, heavy snoring is a common symptom. When left untreated, the condition can be extremely dangerous, leading to other chronic health problems, and potentially death.

What We Do

My Oxygen Company offers sleep treatments like CPAP, VPAP, and BIPAP, which can help sleep apnea sufferers finally get a good night’s rest. Better sleep means less snoring, a clearer head, and more energy during the day. Our ultimate goal is to help you get a better night’s sleep. Call or visit today to let our knowledgeable staff meet your treatment needs.

How We Do It

My Oxygen Company partners with trusted CPAP suppliers like ResMed to bring you the highest quality sleep apnea treatments at affordable prices. We are the only supplier in the area that accepts all forms of Medicaid, and we will happily work with any doctor in the area to provide you with the breathing treatment you need. We stock several types of breathing treatments, including:

  • CPAP machines and supplies
  • VPAP machines and supplies
  • BIPAP machines and supplies
  • Home oxygen
  • Portable oxygen